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La fabbrica italiana dei colori dal 1953

Pasuto Srl, an Italian “family company” founded by Elia Pasuto near Venice in 1953, has over the years become a solid reality of international importance.

Its core business is the production of tempera paint, modeling clay and watercolours with a unique and patented system. Since 2003, it has been producing under its own brand "Toy Color", which includes items for recreational activities for children and hobby lovers with products such as watercolours, tempera, markers, paints, varnishes and accessories. Recently, Kreable line was born, embracing the wide range of modeling clays, acrylic and textile paints and extra strong glues, perfect for Art and Hobby lovers.
Our history

Our values

The values we believe in, are those that inspire us on a daily basis

Our corporate values are Pasuto’s DNA: those principles and beliefs that we have chosen to guide our company every day. Do you know why?

  • They help us define new goals.
  • They allow us to organize different teams towards these common goals.
  • They guide us in our future choices and in the way we manage our business, customers, suppliers and all stakeholders we relate to.

Achieving the results of our customers is not just a job, but a real passion!


We know that mood can affect the effectiveness of people in the workplace. Joy is like yeast: if it is missing, enthusiasm and positivity in the company will vanish. For this reason, we fuel this vibe with happy workers by choosing people who work well in teams and strive to accomplish activities while having fun.

Trust and collaboration

Team spirit is a key aspect for us, because we are stronger when we trust each other and when we move in the same direction, having fun working together.

Innovation and creativity

We believe that whatever we are doing today, we’ll be able to do it better tomorrow. Finding alternative solutions to "impossible" challenges, is the main reason for change and constant improvement. Corporate creativity is another added value: it challenges us by designing new items, services or solutions, but also by proposing improvements to the production process. Creativity is the lever to generate innovation and find original ways to address both problems and challenges.


It means being prepared and competent to take care of the projects entrusted to us. We perform high quality work, in full transparency, because we are what you see from every action we take.


It means trusting people who work for us and with us. We believe in people empowerment and in the strength of those who want to grow. Responsibility means being personally accountable in carrying out our activities; it is taking care of projects entrusted to us by our customers and verifying, over time, to have all the necessary tools to realize them.

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