Our history

  • The company was founded.

    Pasuto srl was born in 1953, near Venice, from an idea of Elia Pasuto, its founder who started the activity in that year with the trade of fountain pens.

  • The seat of Santa Maria di Sala (VE) was born

    The construction of the first industrial plant in Santa Maria di Sala, in the province of Venice, dates back to this date.

  • Start of production of Tempera, Glue and Watercolors

    Start of production of Tempera, Glue and Watercolors with a unique and patented system. In particular, the production focuses on the watercolor product, which is born liquid and is left to dry slowly, unlike the others on the market that are tablets of compact powder.

  • Toy color

    The Toy Color brand was born, dedicated to the production of articles for recreational activities for children and hobby enthusiasts with products such as watercolors, tempera, markers, paints and accessories.

  • The new headquarters in Massanzago (PD)

    The new plant is built in Massanzago, in the province of Padua, as a second production unit.

  • Production of modelling paste

    Start a new adventure with the production of modeling paste dedicated to children, adults and the world of hobbyists.

  • The first ecological palette

    From an exclusive technology Pasuto was born the first ecological palette of watercolors in the world, made on ecological support FSC waterproof cardboard.

  • Kreable

    The new Kreable brand is born that embraces the wide range of modeling paste, acrylic, paint, color for fabric and glue extra strong, born for lovers of art, hobbies and for those who want to delight using color on different materials such as fabrics, wood, glass and much more.

  • UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 Certification

    Pasuto is certified according to internationally recognized management standards. Certification is about quality. Pasuto currently has obtained the following certification: ISO 9001:2015